Examples of Common Future Indicators

Future innovations To encourage future innovations, it is desirable to measure the number of new innovations that will be fully operational in the next month, month two and month three by department.
Future key customer events To maintain a close relationship with our key customers a list should be prepared with the next agreed social interaction (e.g., date agreed to attend a sports event, a meal, the opera, etc.).
Future PR events To maintain the CEO’s profile it is desirable to monitor the public relations events that have been organized in the next one to three, four to six, seven to nine months.
Future recognitions Future recognitions to maintain staff recognition the CEO needs to monitor the formal recognitions planned next week/next two weeks by themselves and their direct reports.
New products The CEO needs to maintain an active watch on the planned date of the next product launch to prevent unnecessary date slippage.
Disaster planning The CEO needs to ensure that the organization is ready for a disaster by monitoring the date of next environmental disaster clean-up practice exercise.
Staff satisfaction The CEO needs to ensure staff satisfaction surveys are carried out at least 3 times a year. By monitoring the date of next planned staff satisfaction survey the CEO has the ability to bring the date forward.
In-house training To re-enforce the commitment that every manager should have to in-house training the CEO needs to know, on a weekly basis, all the managers that do not have any staff registered to attend the in-house courses scheduled in the upcoming weeks.
Health and safety The CEO needs to ensure a constant focus on Health and safety by monitoring the date of the next Health and Safety audit.

Source: Extracted from

Key Performance Indicators – developing, implementing and using winning KPIs (4th Edition)