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Free Media for KPI Book Owners – Third Edition

Thank you for purchasing my book. I have provided a PDF of templates to be read and used in conjunction with this book.

If you have purchased this book, you can download the web based toolkit.  The process is as follows, Click here and submit your contact details and you will have access to a download […]

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Q&A section about KPI

Are KRIs and Key Goal Indicators (KGIs) the same thing?
Most likely they are. Indeed some people talk about strategic KPIs and no doubt, we are all on the same wavelength. I prefer result indicators because it makes it very clear to people that they are the result of many activities, but it does not matter […]

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Finding the right things to measure in the public sector

This article has been extracted from my article ‘Measuring performance in challenging times’ published in the UK by ICAEW

By David Parmenter

Many government departments around the world are having problems implementing performance measurement whether it be in a balanced scorecard way or any other variant. This is not surprising as the private sector is having the same difficulty.

The problem is […]

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Implementing ‘winning’ KPI’s in Government and Non Profit Agencies

Introduction to davids book “Key Performance Indicators for Government and Non Profit Agencies”
During workshops which I deliver I have been asked by attendees from government and non profit agencies (GANPA) “Will winning KPIs work for us?” they ask. The answer is a profound “yes”. Finding your winning KPIs will create much benefit . By embedding […]

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Key Performance Indicators – an Interview of David Parmenter by David Creelman

David Parmenter was recently interviewed by David Creelman, a Chief Correspondent, at The Human Capital Institute. Below is a copy of the interview.


DC:  There is a lot of interest in KPIs.  How do we get a handle on using them?

DP:  The first thing is to get an understanding of what KPIs really are.  Kaplan and Norton’s […]

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Creating a dashboard for the Board

There is a major conflict in most organisations that have boards, as to what information is appropriate for the Board.  Since the Board’s role is clearly one of governance and not of management it is, I believe, totally inappropriate to be providing the Board with KPIs.  To me, KPIs are the very heart of management, […]

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Do not cascade measures down from strategic initiatives

An organization not knowing it’s critical success factors (CSFs) is like going to soccer’s World Cup without a goalkeeper or, at best, an incompetent one. The term critical success factors does not appear to be addressed by some of the leading writers of the past 30 years. Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Gary Hamel, Tom Peters, […]

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Implementation Variations, Small To Medium Enterprises, Not For Profit Organisations

When I first wrote about the twelve step process I set out an indicative implementation Gantt chart, showing twelves steps taking twelve weeks.  Attendees from small to medium enterprises (SMEs) have often requested my advice on a simpler truncated process, which I consider to be able to be completed in 8 weeks.

Click here to see […]

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How To Implement Winning KPIs In 16 Weeks Not 16 Months

Kaplan and Norton, in their groundbreaking book The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action, indicated that 16 weeks is sufficient time to establish a working balanced scorecard with KPIs. However, organizations of all sizes and complexity stumble with this process, and 16 weeks easily turns into 16 months.

Click here for an extract from Chapter 15 […]

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Reporting Performance Measures

There is a major problem with reporting. The writers often do not understand enough about the science of reporting. In addition, too many reports have been prepared monthly, which is far too late for prompt action.

The reporting framework used in an organization must accommodate the requirements of the different levels in the organization (board, senior management team, middle management, and the […]

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