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4 reasons why we should abandon performance measures

by David Parmenter

I have been working with performance measures for over 20 years, and in that time I have witnessed minimal progress in the right direction. Deriving measures is often viewed as an afterthought. They are regarded as something we fill into a box to say we have achieved a goal.

However, I firmly believe that […]

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The 16 myths of performance measurement

I have become increasingly aware that key performance indicators (KPIs) in many organizations are a broken tool. Measures are often a random collection prepared with little expertise, signifying nothing. KPIs should be measures that link daily activities to the organization’s critical success factors (CSFs), thus supporting an alignment of effort within the organization in the […]

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15 steps to a KPI project

After 30 years helping organizations ascertain their Critical Success Factors and associated KPIs, I have come up with 15 steps to start a KPI project.

Selling the KPI project to the C-Suite and the organization’s oracles. (See Chapter 4 and 5). Read David’s chapter on Leading and Selling Change.
Locate an external facilitator to help prepare the KPI […]

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The nine characteristics of successful KPI implementations

From my observations the failure rate for KPI and balance scorecard projects is off the scale.  There are a number of contributing factors that have led to this failure rate.

Organizations, in both the private and public sectors, are being run by management who have not yet received any formal education on performance measurement. Unlike accounting, […]

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4 tasks to ascertaining your organisation’s critical success factors (CSFs)

The four tasks to undertake to ascertain your organisation’s critical success factors (CSFs)

To help organisations around the world find their CSFs, I have developed a four-task process.

Task 1: Documenting the already identified success factors

Review the strategic plans covering the past 10 years, then extract and develop success factors from these documents. You may find an […]

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7 Myths why KPIs do not work

Myth: By Tying KPIs to Remuneration You Will Increase Performance
It is a myth that the primary driver for staff is money and that an organization must design financial incentives in order to achieve great performance. Recognition, respect, and self-actualization are more important drivers. In all types of organizations, there is a tendency to believe that […]

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Q & A About KPIs in the public sector and nonprofit agencies

Is your KPI work relevant to Government and nonprofit agencies?

Most certainly. I have in fact written a book to address this issue. However, For measurement to work in government and nonprofit agencies, there has to be a radical change in the way performance management and measurement is approached and addressed.

Without tackling the common flaws in […]

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Answers to the 20 most common KPI questions

Getting Started (6)
Next Steps on a KPI project (9)
Technical Issues You May Face (5)

Getting Started
 What is a KPI, a CSF and BSC?
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are those indicators that focus on the aspects of organisational performance that are the most critical for the current and future success of the organisation. KPIs have seven characteristics, which […]

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What is a KPI ( Key Performance Indicator)?


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Free Media for KPI Book Owners – Third Edition

Thank you for purchasing my book. I have provided a PDF of templates to be read and used in conjunction with this book.

If you have purchased this book, you can download the web based toolkit.  The process is as follows, Click here and submit your contact details and you will have access to a download […]

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