Thank you for purchasing my book. I have provided a PDF of templates to be read and used in conjunction with this book.

If you have purchased this book, you can download the web based toolkit.  The process is as follows, Click here and submit your contact details and you will have access to a download button for downloading the web based toolkit. Then you can open the “Toolkit_FrontPage.html”.

Free Media for KPI Book Owners – Fourth Edition

Password Removed

Previously, to access the toolkit, you would need a password that only book owners would know. I have now made these publicly available.  However, you will find the toolkit much more beneficial and useful if you have purchased the book.

As a writer we get on average US$2 per book sold which is not enough to put the food on the table. I’m happy to give a certain amount of my intellectual property for free. If however you want all the templates from the book, in a format you can manipulate, you need to purchase these from my website. I hope you agree that my charge for the download is reasonable bearing in mind the years it took me to write the book.

Step by step guide to open Web Based Toolkit

Some customers were having difficulty opening the Toolkit. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide with screenshots.

Step 1: Please fill in your contact details to retrieve the download link. Your details will be used to provide free newsletters and some intellectual property. You can opt out after receiving your first email.













Step 2: Click on the Download Now button at the bottom of the screen.
















Step 3: Click on the file that has been downloaded.









Step 4: Your default archiver application will open. Click extract to save this toolkit







Step 5: Select where you wish to save the toolkit















Step 6: Navigate to where you extracted the file, in this case, it is saved on the Desktop, and open the file.







Step 7: Open the file “Toolkit_FrontPage.html”





Step 8: You have opened the Web based Toolkit successfully! I have categorized the free media available to you in the navigation bar as shown by the arrows.