Transforming your enterprise through ascertaining your critical success factors & associated KPIs

“Show me a company with over 20 KPIs and I will show you lack of focus, lack of alignment and under achievement.”

For years organisations that have measured and reported what they thought were KPIs have not had the focus, adaptability, innovation and profitability that they were seeking. KPIs themselves were mislabelled and misused. Some organizations try and manage with over forty KPIs, many of which are not KPIs.

David Parmenter has brought to light three discoveries to unlock performance measures from their shackles.
1. An organization operating without its critical success factors, known by all staff, is aimless.
2. Most measures are not, in fact, KPIs. They are result indicators — measures that show how teams have worked together, often measured monthly, leading to a busy reporting machine that fails the organization.
3. All KPIs are non-financial, measured 24/7, daily or at the very least, weekly.

David Parmenter’s KPI toolkit (whitepaper and accompanying electronic media) contains up-to-the-minute research and discoveries. The KPI toolkit has been significantly updated in February 2024.  There are three options based on the size of your organization (Less than 100 FTEs, 100- to 250 FTEs and over 250 FTEs).

How do you start a KPI project? -You will need to:

You first need be fully aware what is involved. Complete my checklist “Are you ready for a KPI project”.  Read David’s chapters on The Great Misunderstanding with regard to KPIs and the myths of performance measurement.

Start creating the burning platform in the minds of the C-Suite and the organization’s oracles.  Read David’s chapter on Leading and Selling Change.

Plan your approach by reading my KPI book, and purchase my KPI toolkit  package.

If you have an executive retreat, why not fly me out, business class, to deliver my KPI methodology.  We would need four to five days.  The first two I would lead and then come back at day five after I had processed the workshop content.  My last venue was the ski resort ‘Whistler’.

Once you have selected a KPI team, if you have done your homework, I will put down my golf clubs and deliver an in-house webcast to help train the KPI team for you.

Start the journey with ascertaining the organization’s critical success factors. I can support you from afar through GoToMeetings or phone calls.

Winning KPI webinar training delivered by David Parmenter

David Parmenter has designed a Winning KPI webinar-based training programme so he can deliver KPI training to the in-house KPI team and staff remotely. Normally he only gets involved if he has first had a telephone / WhatsApp call with the CEO.

Part 1: Train the KPI team, deliver three 2.5 hour webinars and handover for the KPI team to deliver the two remaining webinars.  Delivering pretraining and the web-based training programme (3 sessions) is about 5-6 days of work for me.  It involves:

  • Liaison time with the KPI team
  • Reviewing background materials
  • Preparation of presentations
  • Video meetings with SLT  as required
  • Preparing materials using your company’s content for the webinars
  • Detailed review of the first cut CSFs
  • Reviewing content generated by webinars in time for the next session
  • Use of my IP

Part 2: Further support to  the KPI team.  Further KPI team support would include:

  • Weekly meetings for the duration of the active stages project
  • On-call to answer questions that are holding up progress
  • Detailed review of the final draft of the critical success factors.
  • Assistance with the preparation of the slides for the presentation of the CSFs to staff
  • Detailed review of the final performance measures.

KPI advice from David Parmenter (The King of KPIs)

What are KPIs

Selling a KPI project

Starting a KPI project

Getting help with your KPI project

Reporting performance measures

What is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are those indicators that focus on the aspects of organisational performance that are the most critical for the current and future success of the organisation. KPIs have seven characteristics, which are explained in Chapter 1 KPI-book 4th edition “The Great Misunderstanding”. It is a myth to consider all performance measures to be KPIs. There are, in fact, four types of performance measures. There will only be about 8 – 10 KPIs in an organisation. For more information, also read Chapter 2 KPI book 4th edition ” The myths of performance measurement”.

Imagine the staff in your organization linked to the critical success factors, focusing on the key activities that need to be done well, day-in and day-out.

This is why enterprises need to ascertain their critical success factors, communicate them, and then measure progress with them.

KPIs are more than just a management and leadership catchphrase. The right KPIs, properly deployed, can transform your organisation – creating the kind of competitive advantage that delivers greater profitability and bigger bonus pools. The last two decades spent consulting and speaking to global enterprises and audiences in 31 countries and writing four books on the impact of KPIs, has convinced me that no other single management tool delivers more profound and positive organisational change. My winning KPIs are chosen and designed to cut through and sweep away management practices and performance issues that clog daily operations.

By adopting, embracing and implementing my winning KPIs, you can expect:

  • Advanced operational performance and better job alignment invariably leading to a happier customer
  • More clearly defined critical success factors and related performance measures resulting in a competitive advantage
  • An up-welling of innovation throughout your enterprise
  • A better managed organisation dedicated to best practice performance
  • To attract, recruit and retain the right people.

People deliver results. But they need to know what’s expected of them. They also need to know how and when they have achieved the right results.

My breakthrough KPI Toolkit can be ordered via my website.

Here are three chapters for you to assess the value of this new edition.  I can guarantee you will never look and use KPIs in the same way again. This book has further simplified my work and I fervently hope that it speeds up the desire to use and implement of winning KPIs.

Introduction 4th Edition 

Chapter 1 KPI-book 4th edition “The Great Misunderstanding”.

Chapter 2 KPI book 4th edition ” The myths of performance measurement”.

Click this link to look inside the new 4th edition and order from Amazon

Free E-templates to readers who post a review

If you have already read the book and are prepared to write a 100 -150 word review I will send you free of charge the templates from the book as long as the review is lodged on Amazon and goodreads.  Please email me as soon as this is done using parmenter [at] waymark [.] co [.] nz

Other writers who understand performance management

Stacey Barr – has developed a very practical approach to ascertaining KPIs. She has an 8 step process in her PuMP methodology. Her work is certainly worth reviewing, and a decision should be made which methodology you want to use, or a hybrid between my methodology and Stacey’s.

Accessing David Parmenter’s intellectual property

Delivering the two day CSF workshop as 5 *2.5 hour webinar series

The two day workshop is a vital step in a KPI project and this is a less expensive way of getting some rubber on the road. Click here to enquire more about this option.

KPI and CSF Toolkits with E-Templates (currently on a special offer)

If you want to access the latest thoughts of David Parmenter, buy his KPI and CSF toolkits which are constantly updated and are a comprehensive (100 page) guide to get you to make change in the areas covered.  each toolkit comes with accompanying electronic templates to get your implementation started.  On time of acquisition David reviews and updates the tookit as appropriate. These toolkits are printed, signed and posted to the purchaser.

David Parmenter’s Working Guides (currently on a special offer)

For areas which are not covered by a toolkit David Parmenter has written a shorter (20- 30 pages) working guide to help you make progress.  They can be read and absorbed in an hour. All you need to do is purchase them via the PayPal link and I will send you the working guides are emailed with accompanying useful E-templates with 48 hours. To buy multiple guides access the special deal.

 E-Templates From David Parmenter’s Best Selling KPI Book (currently on a special offer)

You can purchase all the electronic versions of the KPI book templates. Once the paypal notification has been received the templates are emailed with 48 hours.

David Parmenter’s Performance Measures Database known as a KPI database -(currently on a special offer)

The database, developed over the last twenty years, and regularly updated, is sent in both  Access and Excel.  In my KPI book, I have always provided a list of performance measures to help to start or rejuvenate a KPI project.  To purchase the latest version of this Performance Measures database costs US$99. This database helps a team manage the balanced scorecard perspectives, enables all the organisation’s teams to select their performance measures, contains a checklist of success factors by major sectors and sets over 400 measures to help with the selection process. The database contains an easy ‘add to’ feature so existing measures can be added. The database,  if used correctly,  will ensure that all measures are sourced from a critical success factor in an organisation. Buy it and get started tomorrow!

 KPI reporting templates











































The problem with KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs), while used commonly around the world, have never until now been clearly defined. Management personnel have identified measures as KPIs though these measures have never been KPIs. The lack of understanding of performance measures has led most monitoring and reporting of measures to fail. The casualty has often been the balanced scorecard, a brilliant tool that can only work if the appropriate measures are in it.

You need to know what is a KPI ? The seven characteristics of a KPI, and if most of your measures are not KPIs, what are they? Purchase my KPI toolkit, which is my latest work and comes with electronic templates.


Links to some Published Articles

KPI Toolkit (150 Page Whitepaper + e-templates)

How to implement Winning KPIs
This unique implementation toolkit has my latest thinking on KPIs. It is a comprehensive paper (150 pages), designed to help readers implement the Winning KPI methodology. The toolkit comes with electronic media, eg: formats, templates, draft PowerPoints, and workshop templates to assist in swift implementation. In addition, the templates from the 4th edition are also included.

I have spent around US$50,000 developing and updating this toolkit. I guarantee, you will save many times the cost of the toolkit. The KPI toolkit includes my latest thinking before it is printed and dispatched to you.

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