You will need to: Complete my checklist “Are you ready for a KPI project”.  Read David’s chapters on The Great Misunderstanding with regards to KPIs and the myths of performance measurement.

Then carry out these 17 tasks (references are to KPI book 3rd edition)

  1. Selling the KPI project to the CEO, the senior management team and the organization’s oracles. (See Chapter 8 and 10). Read David’s chapter on Leading and Selling Change.
  2. Locate an external facilitator to help prepare the KPI team. (See Chapter 8)
  3. Train a small KPI team. (See Chapter 9)
  4. Locate the success factors and desired external outcomes. (See Chapter 11)
  5. Ascertain the critical success factors and present them to the staff. (See Chapter 11)
  6. Selling the KPI project to all employees to encourage their participation. (See Chapter 10)
  7. Run the two-day performance measures workshops to train staff to develop meaningful measures. (See Chapter 12 )
  8. Refining the measures after the performance measures workshops. (See Chapter 12)
  9. Hold a performance measures gallery to wean out dysfunctional and poor measures. (See Chapter 12)
  10. Ask all teams to select their team performance measures from the finalized database of measures (See Chapter 12)
  11. Find the key result indicators (KRIs). (See Chapter 13)
  12. Find the key performance indicators (KPIs). (See Chapter 13)
  13. Design the reporting framework. (See Chapter 14)
  14. Facilitate the use of performance measures. (See Chapter 13)
  15. Refine CSFs and measures after one year of operating with the CSFs and KPIs. (See Chapter 13)
  16. Plan your approach by reading my KPI book, my KPI toolkit and getting me to deliver an in-house webcast to help train the KPI team for you.
  17. Start the journey with ascertaining the organisation’s critical success factors. I can support you from afar through GoToMeetings or phone calls.