Thank you for purchasing my book. I have provided a PDF of templates to be read and used in conjunction with this book.

If you have purchased this book, you can download the PDF.  The process is as follows, Click here and submit  your contact details and you will have access a link for downloading the PDF file. You will need to enter a password.
The password is the 7th word in the first sentence in the shaded box in Chapter 2. The password first two letters are or__________.”

As a writer we get on average US$2 per book sold which is not enough to put the food on the table. I’m happy to give a certain amount of my intellectual property for free. If however you want all the templates from the book, in a format you can manipulate, you need to purchase these from my website. I hope you agree that my charge for the download is reasonable bearing in mind the years it took me to write the book.

Free Media for KPI Book Owners – Third Edition