Imagine your KPIs driving performance to new heights

Imagine the staff in your organisation linked to the key activities that need to be focused on and done well day-in and day-out. This is what performance measures are meant to do. This KPI methodology, explained in my book, in-house workshops and two-day masterclasses  and will have a profound impact on your organisation and on your career.

We can make this a reality. I’m David Parmenter, King of the KPIs, and I can guide you on how to develop, implement, and use winning KPIs. I have delivered workshops and key note addresses in over 30 countries. Companies that I have worked with include; European Space Agency, Australian Post, Lloyds of London, Open University, the Singapore government (Peoples Association) and more.

I have two day, one day master classes and different in-house training options including web based training and web based mentoring to get you and your organisation on the journey. So either attend one of my public courses, book me for your conference, or get me  to deliver an in-house workshop.

What are my courses like? Read what delegates say. Start today by reading my books , articles & extracts featured below and listen to some recorded speeches.

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The problem with KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs), while used commonly around the world, have never until now been clearly defined. Management personnel have identified measures as KPIs though these measures have never been KPIs. The lack of understanding of performance measures has led most monitoring and reporting of measures to fail. The casualty has often been the balanced scorecard, a brilliant tool that can only work if the appropriate measures are in it.

You need to know what is a KPI ? The seven characteristics of a KPI, and if most of your measures are not KPIs, what are they?

Suggested next steps -you will need to:

Fully understand the problem, so read the following chapters from David’s books.
You need to sell the need for change to the senior management team, so learn to do this well. Read David’s chapter on Leading and Selling Change.
You need to understand more about the DNA of KPIs. Read David’s chapters on The Great Misunderstanding with regards to KPIs and the myths of performance measurement.
Plan your approach by reading my books, whitepapers and getting me to deliver an in -house webcast onsite workshop for you.

Some of the Published Articles & Chapter Extracts

IBM Commissioned KPI Whitepaper

See link below for extracts
The new thinking on KPIs IBM paper
IBM have commissioned me to write four papers which are available on their website for free. Goto and search “Parmenter” and you will find the links to the whitepapers.

Key Performance Indicators, Third Edition

By exploring measures that have transformed businesses, this KPI book has developed a methodology that is breathtaking in its simplicity and yet profound in its impact.Written by KPI expert David Parmenter this KPI book is the missing link between the balanced scorecard work of Robert Kaplan and David Norton and the reality of implementing performance measurement in an organization. See the KPI book extracts.

Show me a company with over 20 KPIs and I will show you lack of focus, lack of alignment and under achievement

For years organisations that have measured and reported, what they thought were KPIs, have not had the focus, adaptability, innovation and profitability that they were seeking. KPIs themselves were mislabelled and misused. Some organisations try and manage with over forty KPIs, many of which are not KPIs.

David Parmenter has developed a hypothesis that performance measures are divided into four types (key result indicators, result indicators, performance indicators and key performance indicators). This whitepaper and accompanying electronic media contain up to the minute research and discoveries since David’s published Key Performance Indicators book. For more information see the contents page and purchased from here.

David Parmenter’s Database of Measures and Associated Success Factors

KPI libraries are a dangerous weapon and should only be used by staff trained in KPI methodologies.  As you will know, I do not believe every measure is a KPI.

In David Parmenter’s KPI book, he provided a list of performance measures to help to start or rejuvenate a KPI project.  To purchase this Performance Measures database costs NZ$200. This database helps a team manage the balanced scorecard perspectives, enables all the organisation’s teams to select their performance measures, contains a checklist of success factors by major sectors and sets over 300 measures to help with the selection process. The database contains an easy ‘add to’ feature so existing measures can be added. The database,  if used correctly,  will ensure that all measures are sourced from a critical success factor in an organisation. Buy it and get started tomorrow!

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