Checklist to assessing your progress with performance measures checklist

Knowledge of the critical success factors Is it covered?
1.      Senior management have a common understanding of the organization’s success factors. o Yes   o No
2.      The organization has identified the critical success factors. o Yes   o No
3.      The critical success factors have been communicated to all staff and are impacting positively on the setting of daily priorities. o Yes   o No
Existing KPI implementation Is it covered?
1.     Teams have been trained in designing measures. o Yes   o No
2.     The KPI team vet all measures before they are approved. o Yes   o No
3.     The KPIs were implemented based around a methodology such as a Balanced Scorecard, PuMP, Winning KPIs. o Yes   o No
4.     Teams have selected measures from an approved list of measures. o Yes   o No
5.     Measures have been derived from the identified critical success factors. o Yes   o No
6.     There is an awareness that not all measures are KPIs. o Yes   o No
7.     There are no more than 100 measures in the organization. o Yes   o No
How KPIs are operating
1.     Measures are carefully vetted to ensure they promote appropriate action and all those measures that are damaging performance are removed. o Yes   o No
2.     There is a mix of past, current and future measures o Yes   o No
3.     The performance measures reporting follows best practice graphical presentation rules. o Yes   o No
4.     There are less than 10 KPIs in the organization and these are monitored frequently 24/7, daily, or weekly. o Yes   o No
5.     KPIs are not linked to pay; performance with KPIs is deemed as a given e.g., seen as a “ticket to the game.” o Yes   o No


Your score:

Under 5: A complete visit to performance measurement is in order. This book and accompanying download materials will assist you to sell the change and commence the project.

Between 5 to 10: Some good progress has been made. This book will assist you with improvements.

Over 10: You should write a case study and I will feature it.

Source: Extracted from

Key Performance Indicators – developing, implementing and using winning KPIs (4th Edition)